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Integration and system development solutions

Cube Corner develops customized solutions to create impact on your business.

We help you with integration projects to expand the functionality of your current system support. Our solutions are based on proprietary and customizable integration interfaces for linking systems, and general integration platforms such as BizTalk and SSIS. For this, we use Microsoft's development tools to deliver solutions that works, both short and long term.

Successful integration usually requires knowledge from two sources. We have been fortunate to work with a number of systems that are naturally integratable, which means that it is unneccessary for you as a customer to hire additional partners to link the systems. In cases where we do not possess the knowledge ourselves, we cooperate with a wide range of partners, whom we have worked with before.

One contact, who handles everything, simplifies and enhances efficiency.

Examples of advanced IT solutions with our own integration platform CC Integration as a base:

  • Product Configuration broken down to component and design level (Order Unique BOM and operation list).
  •  Transformation of drawing data and auto generation of NC code for NC-controlled machines.
  •  Communication with machines, FTP, PLC, serial and paralell communication.
  •  Automatic component distribution in flat materials using CAD / CAM systems within metal, wood, glass and plastic etc. for maximum material usage. We have complete solutions for Jet-CAM and Radan, and with our expertise and contacts within the field we can easily expand to, for example True Tops, Salpro, AlfaCam, Salvagnini CAD / CAM, etc.
  • Jet-CAM and Radan handles thousands of machines and brands within the cutting / stamping area and Alfa-CAM manages more than 1500 manufacturers of woodworking machinery.

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