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Business partners and resale

We support other IT-suppliers in the deliveries to their customers.

At Cube Corner, we deliver proprietary software distributed by ourselves and our business partners, read more about this in Concept / Products.

We sell and deliver software and hardware from the most qualified and well-known suppliers.
Cube Corner is a distributor of a variety of popular applications from Microsoft, KSD-EdiCom, Part-Supply and others.
Hardware is distributed through PEDAB.

We deliver excellence to our partners' own constumers.
Our network of contacts, which includes some of the best IT companies in Sweden, enables us to guarantee that the customer receives what they require to manage their bussines.
We will find the mix of components needed from several vendors, then integrate and customize them to satisfy every need demanded in your bussiness processes.

As an end user, you will have access to a much wider range of components, software, concepts and competences to create effect and impact in your business.


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